ArmACGM was a multiplayer game mode compilation mod for ArmA 3.

It featured a selection of the best game modes that everyone knew and loved, Free for All (The classic every man for himself), Gun-Game (Themed after the Call of Duty style mode), the classic Team Deathmatch (Strategic team-based game modes), Capture the Flag and lastly, a different take on the Battle Royale mod called Survival of the Fittest.

We had a huge range of planned features but for a short list of what we did have implemented would be custom clothing/equipment including matching textures to match each team you were on.

Here is what our Alpha and Bravo team uniforms looked like.

Here are some of the screenshots I have in relation to the Capture the Flag game mode, I wanted a better way to visually represent the flag carrier so I took the existing flag in ArmA 3 and shrunk it down to a reasonable size to fit on the characters back, you can also see the unique uniform for the independent team that was used during free for all type game modes.

Like FatalityMod, ArmACGM was a project I started before I got involved with Unreal Engine and has since been put on hold.